Good Cop(y) vs. Bad Cop(y)

Writing on the computer

How do you know if you’re writing good copy or bad copy?

Here’s a simple test:

Is it engaging, informative, educational, or entertaining?

Then you’ve written good copy.

Is it boring, blocky, barely holds your attention, and lacks visuals?

Then you’ve written bad copy.

If you’ve written good copy, or at least you think you have, great! But, your job’s not done yet. Take a break from it, then come back to it later and ask yourself how you can make it even better.

Does your copy suck?

Do the same process as above. Leave it alone for a while – an hour, a day, but no more than that. Come back to it, and work on it until it’s good. Then work on it until it’s better.

There’s really no magic formula for writing good copy other than getting in there and doing it. Write every day, be willing to criticize your writing constructively, be willing to accept other’s criticism constructively, and eventually you will be turning out the best copy you’ve ever written, each and every time.

Writing is an art, and although some people are born with natural artistic abilities, there are some of us out there who just have to practice a little harder than the rest.

And that’s ok.

Because people like me are here to help people like you who struggle to write good copy, whether it’s for your website, your blog, or your company’s marketing materials.

What do you think about your writing? Do you feel you’re writing good copy all the time, or need to keep working on it? Was this post good copy in your opinion? (Hey, I’m willing to take what I dish out!)


Dawn-Renee RiceI’m a writer by day, and a writer by night. Writing is just my thing, and I use that talent and skill whenever and wherever I can. Do you need help writing something? Let’s talk!

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